The Ideal Culture Standard – Branding/Website

The Ideal Culture Standard (TICS) is an online platform that educats society, supports vulnerable people and challenging/breaking barriers with an overall focus on trying to promote honest morals within our society. The objective was to develop a visual brand that represents these ideas.

Why use a flag?
Cuture: A culture is represented by a flag. Most countires, groups or societies have a flag that is used to represent them.
Raising Awareness: ‘Flagging’ is a term used when raising attention to something or when sending a signal.
A Beacon: A flag stands up tall for everyone to see. TICS stands as a beacon, providing knowledge and support.

Furthermore, we progressed to building a website that allows for several functions:
– To inform users of the mission and funtion of the organisation.
– To display new articles.
– To allow access for people to read transcripts of interviews with various professionals as well as personal.
– To allow for public discourse.

The Ideal Culture Standard (TICS)

Project Date
August 2017


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